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SSH Safety Awareness

Always a priority

Always a priority
Safety Awareness

Sin Soon Hock strongly adheres to a set of Health, Safety, Security and Environment management systems as part of a comprehensive approach to risk management, targeting total prevention of disaster and accidents.

The implementation of SSH’s Safety Management System is in accordance with the International Safety Management Code and demonstrates SSH’s commitment on the legal requirements, industrial standards and proven practices within the industry.

To promote healthy and safe working conditions as well as maintain a safe and pollution free operation practice, we:
  • Provide for safe practices in ship operations and a safer working environment.
  • Establish precautions for all identifiable risks through risk management, accident recording and statistical analysis, incidental reports, post-mortem based speculations and potentiality and responsibility delegation.
  • Continuously improve the safety management and upgrade the problem solving skills of both onshore and offshore personnel. These are specialist trained in preparing for emergencies and handling drastic situations related to both safety and environment protection.
  • Methods used in risk prevention matter a lot and SSH is constantly updating itself on the latest technology and the usage of state-of-the-art equipment to detect, measure and prevent possible risks.
  • Upgrade our vessels, tankers and equipment to the best of our ability to prevent accidental disasters. The implication of double hull vessel physiques and technology is being carried out to ensure preservation of the environment.
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